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Adapting to a life with a brain injury

A Hero's Journey

The hardest part is accepting you’re not the person you once were

ABI Ireland creates a personalised neuro-rehabilitation plan for each person living with a brain injury


“Don’t leave the decision up to us. Take us out of the game”

Concussion is a Brain Injury

Michael Darragh Macauley, Dublin GAA footballer and ABI Ireland Ambassador

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Individual Rehabilitation Plans for each unique brain injury. Click for more information

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A brain injury can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere

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I'm a carer: My story

Brain injury can happen in seconds and change your life forever. We never think about this or take time to learn more about it as we don’t think it will ever happen to us. Well it happened to me six years ago, when my husband of three years suffered a stroke at thirty years young and our lives were changed completely. Click here to read more

I'm living with an ABI: My story

I loved the city of Nottingham; it provided me with a great life, both work and play. I bought my first house here in 2005, a listed four storey Georgian House and I restored in to its former glory. This became my home right up until my attack, and I still own it. Click here to read more

I'm a healthcare professional: My story

For many people with acquired brain injury, the narrative they have established to account for their lives involves being a victim of life circumstances.  Brain injury represents calamitous loss, and the journey of life is imagined as an attempt to regain or restore the former version of the self.  In some cases, complete recovery is not possible, and the journey therefore appears doomed to frustration; Click here to read more

Our mission is to enable people with neuro-rehabilitation needs to lead meaningful lives in the community by providing personalised quality rehabilitation and support.

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