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This bank holiday weekend, we are asking road users and party goers to take extra care because 1 in 5 brain injuries one in five brain injuries is caused by assault and road traffic accidentsthat we see here in Acquired Brain Injury Ireland is caused by assault and road traffic accidents. In fact, 15% of our brain injury survivors have suffered an injury following road traffic accidents – a further 5% of brain injuries were the result of unprovoked assault. That’s why we are urging people to keep their head and take extra care ahead of a busy Bank Holiday Weekend. We’ve outlined three simple tips to help the public ‘keep their head’ and enjoy the 3-day break safely.

Tips for a safe weekend:

  1. Keep your head and watch your speed this weekend. You’ll get there when you get there.  Be mindful of other road users.
  2. Mind yourself and your friends. Enjoy the nightlife, don’t ruin a good night out.  Keep your head and walk away if things get heated. Don’t get separated from friends, stay together.
  3. Don’t get distracted. Be mindful in your actions – wear a seatbelt, wear a helmet, use hands-free phones only.


Barbara O’Connell, Chief Executive, Acquired Brain Injury Ireland said: “As the nation looks forward to getting out and about over the Bank Holiday Weekend, we are issuing a note of caution because as everywhere gets busier, it’s more important than ever to keep your head to avoid road traffic accidents or assaults. Nobody ever thinks a brain injury will happen to them. But it happens to 35 people in this country every day.  These people are often left with a chronic and ongoing condition that can affect their lives and those of their family for months, years and even decades after the initial injury. My own brother Peter suffered two brain injuries by the age of 42 after two serious road accidents. This Bank Holiday, we want everyone to enjoy the break safely so please, Keep Your Head on our roads and at night time.”

“Nobody ever thinks a brain injury will happen to them.”

Every year in Ireland an estimated 13,000 people acquire a brain injury resulting in life-altering, dramatic change and one fifth of people helped by Acquired Brain Injury Ireland suffered an injury to the brain because of road traffic accidents and assaults. Our note of caution follows the release of a new video as part of the Garda awareness campaign ‘Use Your Brain Not Your Fists’ which the charity fully supports. The campaign highlights the devastation caused by assault for two 20-year-old males, one who died 10 days after being assaulted and the other who suffered a severe brain injury after being struck with a brick.

At Acquired Brain Injury Ireland, we are the leading provider of community rehabilitation in Ireland for those of working age (18-65 years) living with and recovering from an acquired brain injury. At any one time, our national not-for-profit organisation delivers dedicated individual rehabilitation to an estimated 1,100 people, helping them to rebuild their lives.