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A Prawn Cracker Christmas


A Prawn Cracker Christmas

We have a funny Christmas story to share with kiddies before Santa comes and it’s written by one of our talented brain injury survivors, Michael Hopper.

A Prawn Cracker Christmas…


It’s December in the North Pole and Santa is locked out of his toy room.  His shed is frozen solid and there’s a tornado on the way.

Santa has a big frown on his face, he’s sobbing, and he is knocking on a door.

On the other side, 42 elves were cranking the machines in the toy room.

“NO, NO, NO.” Santa is shouting “let me in, let me in”.

The elves were laughing, “Ho,Ho,Ho” and “Ha,Ha,Ha”.

They had locked Santa out and taken over his job.

Next thing a delivery boy arrives with a Chinese take-away,

“What’s the matter Santa? Why are you crying?”

“The elves have locked me out of my toy room and they have taken over my job,” sobbed Santa.

“I’m really sorry Santa,” said the delivery boy.

He handed Santa a plate of sweet ‘n’ sour chicken balls, egg fried rice and prawn crackers.

But Santa was so upset he turned the food upside down in the snow.

The elves could smell the food outside and they were terribly cross.  They hadn’t eaten in the past 43 millennia because they were so busy.

“It’s all your fault, Santa,” they cried. Then they broke down the door only to find Santa sipping a glass of mulled wine.

“Hi kids!” Santa was suddenly merry and bright.

“Will you help me deliver the toys?” asked Santa.

“And I promise you all Chinese food when we come back?”

The elves grabbed cups of mulled wine and toasted Santa.

“Ho, Ho, Ho!” they sang as the reindeer pulled the sleigh across the sky.

All the children in the world were happy to see their toys under the Christmas tree.

But the children were very surprised to find a packet of prawn crackers in each parcel!!


The End

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