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ABI and the Healthcare Professional

Healthcare Professional ABI Ireland is a leading exponent of the bio-psychosocial model of rehabilitation for people living with an acquired brain injury.

It is estimated that approximately 13,000 people suffer from a brain injury in Ireland each year. Depending on the nature and severity of the injury, the consequences can range from subtle or temporary impairments in thinking and behaviour to permanent cognitive impairments and personality changes. These can be devastating for both the person injured and his or her family and friends.

ABI Ireland is a leading advocate for people with acquired brain injuries and their families. Our person-centred services place an emphasis on quality, effectiveness and value for money.

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In this section you will find full details of our approach to neuro-rehabilitation and of the services we offer. Each service page contains instructions on referrals to that service.


At the very core of what we do.

Neuro-rehabilitation is a problem-solving process in which the person who experiences a neurological impairment or loss of function acquires the knowledge, skills and supports needed for his or her optimal physical, psychological, social and economic functioning.

A person centred neuro-rehabilitation model promotes opportunities of self-management where the individual is directly involved in planning and decision making around their needs , and takes responsibility for optimal health, functioning and participation.

At ABI Ireland, the aim of neuro-rehabilitation is to enable people living with an acquired brain injury to live at the highest level of independence possible for them.

At ABI Ireland, neuro-rehabilitation is:

Person-centred –At ABI Ireland each person has an Individual Rehabilitation Plan (IRP), a fully customised plan that assists ABI Ireland to support person with a brain injury in identifying and achieving their individual goals. The IRP is a dynamic plan to which the person living with the acquired brain injury and his or her family contributes personal objectives. For more on the IRP, click here

Multi-disciplinary – A Neuro-rehabilitation Team is made up of a number of different healthcare professionals of different expertise coming together to form a multi-disciplinary team. This team works together to assess the individual needs of a person with an ABI in an effort to develop an Individual Rehabilitation Plan. For more on the composition of the multi-disciplinary neuro-rehabilitation team, click here.

"Neuro-rehabilitation is not an abstract concept that takes place in specialised centre. It is not doing therapy to someone. It’s about supporting the person to do everyday activities for themselves. Ordinary things like making a cup of tea in their kitchen, or doing the shopping or going to work or taking part in community life. Its about working together to support someone to live a life of their choosing.”

Dr. Brian McClean, Clinical Psychologist, ABI Ireland

ABI’s Model of Services and Supports

ABI Ireland supports people with ABI and their families through a bio-psychosocial model of service, which recognises that biological, psychological, and social factors and their complex interactions must all be considered to ensure successful rehabilitation.

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