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Our Values

ABI Ireland’s staff and volunteers are driven by the desire to maximise the abilities of the person suffering from a brain injury. In our day-to-day work we strive to live by and demonstrate these values.

Dignity and Respect
The dignity of each person is upheld at all times. Their privacy and individuality are respected in every way; their personal information, for example, is kept strictly confidential and they are consulted regarding their personal rehabilitation programmes.


Wherever practical and appropriate, choices are offered. We respect the right of all the people we serve to manage and control their own lives.


Because good relationships make any therapeutic programme successful, everyone is encouraged to relate to one another in an adult way using dialogue and negotiation.

Sharing Everyday Places
At ABI Ireland our focus is on the everyday experience of the person served, their abilities and their needs. We encourage the regular use of community facilities and the creation of meaningful everyday routines. We promote normal community interactions.


We encourage everyone to make a personal and appropriate contribution within their physical and cognitive capabilities. Each person’s involvement is to be respected and valued.


We survey our service users regularly to see if they feel we are demonstrating these values.

A brain injury can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere

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