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Who we are

Acquired Brain Injury Ireland (ABI Ireland) is Irelands leading provider of community based neuro-rehabilitation services for people who have acquired a brain injury in Ireland.

Founded in 2000 as the Peter Bradley foundation, ABI Ireland enables people between the ages of 18 and 65 with an acquired brain injury to live an independent life by providing them with a supportive living environment. For more on our background, click here.

Lives are shattered by the trauma of brain injury. Approximately 13,000 people acquire a brain injury in Ireland each year. We believe that with the correct assistance in the appropriate environment, people with an acquired brain injury can live a full life.


Our approach – a bio-psychosocial model of service

Every brain is different so every brain injury is unique to each individual affected. For this reason, we champion the Individual Rehabilitation Plan (IRP). The IRP is a neuro-rehabilitation programme developed by a multi-disciplinary team and delivered through a number of services and supports. View more about IRP here. This bespoke approach to neuro-rehabilitation is at the very core of what we do at ABI Ireland. We follow the bio-psychosocial model of service which recognises that biological, psychological, and social factors and their complex interactions must all be considered to ensure successful rehabilitation.


ABI Ireland is here to:

Help rebuild lives after a brain injury through the provision of a range of neuro-rehabilitation services specific to the needs of the person with a brain injury.

Develop an IRP (Individual Rehabilitation Plan) for every person with a brain injury and assist them in reaching their goals through our multi-disciplinary approach of professional services.

Support those with acquired brain injuries and their families though training, advocacy and practical help.


Provide information on acquired brain injury to those living with an acquired brain injury, their carers and healthcare professionals.

Lobby for more resources and raise awareness of the prevalence of acquired brain injury.


Advocate for changes in behaviour which could reduce the number of cases.


We believe in the power of neuro-rehabilitation and the difference that can be made by empowering and supporting those living with a brain injury.

A brain injury can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere

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