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Achieving your goals in 2019


Achieving your goals in 2019

Here at Acquired Brain Injury Ireland we are experts at goal setting as we help hundreds of brain injury survivors relearn vital skills and rebuild their lives.


Your purpose

We’ve all set goals that are perfectly good but somewhere along the way we’ve lacked the motivation to achieve them… and the goals fall by the wayside.

With our brain injury survivors, it’s important that goal setting is aligned to the person’s own sense of purpose so they are motivated in making progress with their personalised rehabilitation plan.

And this applies to you too. We look at the whole person – who they are, what they are good at, what they like, what interests them? These are useful questions to ask. Aligning goals to your own sense of purpose and sense of soul is crucial to your success. Anything else is not authentic to you.

Look at your goals everyday

Write them down! Writing down goals in a plan is an important start to make them real. Even better, put your goals on the wall where you can see them every day.

Our brain injury survivors look at their goals and reminders every day to keep them on track to achieving success in rebuilding their lives.

Find a goal buddy

Find a goal buddy to share your goals with and keep you on track. You’ll have more success if you’re accountable to someone and have support.

Our rehabilitation assistants and keyworkers regularly check in with our brain injury survivors to track their progress.

Your goal must be important to you

Rehabilitation is full of ups and downs and so is any goal worth achieving. Change won’t happen overnight – it takes time and commitment. That’s why your goal has to be important to you so you can find the drive to keep going.

Know the roadblocks

It’s a good idea to write down possible barriers or obstacles that could cause you to lose motivation. By writing down potential roadblocks before you start, you can make a plan to overcome them. Plus you won’t lose heart and better able to take the rough with the smooth to stay on course and achieve your goals.

If you found this useful and would  like to help more brain injury survivors achieve their goals in 2019,  join our Never Say Never Club here.

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