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Advocating new premises for our brain injury survivors


Advocating new premises for our brain injury survivors

At Acquired Brain Injury Ireland, our ethos is all about a person-centred approach, which means the people we serve are at the centre of everything we do. One aspect of our day to day work, which is often hidden, is the advocacy we undertake on behalf of our brain injury survivors to ensure they get the best support, services and opportunities to fulfil their potential and meet their own personal goals.

New premises

advocating new premises for brain injury survivors

A current example is where we are working closely with the HSE and a local County Council housing authority to provide new premises because one of our centres no longer meets the regulatory requirements under HIQA. Having any centre below par is not an option for us, which is why we have been working tirelessly over the last number of years to rectify this situation and continue to do so.

Good news

The good news is, our efforts have paid off. We have managed to secure funding to move the service to a purpose-built, new build. Plans are being made to commence work but the long process in securing that funding has resulted in a HIQA finding of unsuitable premises. Maintaining a high-quality service for our brain injury survivors is crucial and we prioritise their welfare and safety at every turn.

Acquired Brain Injury Ireland runs a number of residential services nationwide which are registered with HIQA (the Health Information and Quality Authority) and monitored under the Health Act. We can reassure all our supporters that Acquired Brain Injury Ireland continues to prioritise mitigation of any risk to residents, staff members or visitors in this interim period, and we are working towards a solution that will satisfy all regulatory requirements while we look forward to our new purpose-built residential service.

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