Rehabilitation services for people in Ireland with acquired brain injury (ABI) are underdeveloped and under-resourced. Growing the specialist neuro-rehabilitation community services that Acquired Brain Injury Ireland provides will ensure that people move from hospital to home in a timely and seamless manner, avoid lengthy stays in hospital and maximise their potential and quality of life. Currently, our health services are struggling to cater for the 19,000 brain injuries happening annually.

Our top priorities for investment in 2020:

  1. To make our organisation sustainable into the future as the current funding model is not workable. We need a new funding model with a further annual investment of €1.5m of core funding in order to maintain and grow our services.

  3. To establish a Regional Neuro-rehabilitation Centre offering specialist rehabilitation for people with an acquired brain injury. We are seeking once-off development funding of €5m to kick start the project. This funding would enable the necessary investment in staffing, programme development and infrastructural work to begin to get the service up and running. The project will be replicable in other sites across the country where such services are needed as outlined in the HSE’s Neuro-rehabilitation Implementation Framework (2019).

Benefits of regional neuro-rehab centre:


  1. Take people out of acute hospitals who don’t need to be there
  2. Take people from the National Rehabilitation Hospital (NRH) who have completed their medical rehabilitation or those who are on the NRH waiting list
  3. Provide specialist brain injury rehabilitation that will ensure people reach their maximum potential
  4. Reduce the burden on families who are struggling to cope
  5. Save money across the health services by providing timely access to rehabilitation and improving the flow of people from hospital to home

Download our summary

Download our summary here which was presented to the Dáil on 16 October 2019

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