There is no shortage of policy papers and programmes to support our argument around the need to expand our community neuro-rehabilitation services but what is lacking is the political will to make it happen. It is nine years since the launch of the National Neuro-Rehabilitation Strategy (2011) and a year into the subsequent implementation plan (2019) with little/no action to benefit people living with brain injury. We continue to raise the voice of brain injury as we advocate the need for development of clear pathways for brain injury survivors accessing services from hospital to home.

Leading academics in Trinity College Dublin published a policy paper in March 2020 that presented an analysis of the current lack of policy implementation in relation to rehabilitation for people with brain injury. This paper can be accessed here

Slaintecare – This marks the first time there has been political consensus on a health reform plan with cross-party support to deliver a universal health system in Ireland. It emphasises that care should be provided at the lowest level of complexity, often outside of the hospital and in an integrated way.


National Strategy & Policy for the Provision of Neuro-Rehabilitation Services in Ireland (Implementation Framework 2019-2021) – This framework recognises that neuro-rehabilitation services are under-developed across the pathway and acknowledges the need for new investment and new resources.

We know that internationally, rehabilitation services are a low priority for governments often due to limited knowledge and understanding of the benefits of rehabilitation by policymakers. ( See the new research paper by Dr Sara Burke that looks at reasons for this)

Influencing change

At Acquired Brain Injury Ireland we proactively seek to raise a voice for brain injury and increase understanding around the benefits of neuro-rehabilitation.

We do this by:

  • meeting with policy makers at both national and local level
  • making submissions and providing policy briefings to government and other relevant bodies to represent the voice of brain injury survivors and their families
  • collaborating with other stakeholders to respond to the rehabilitation needs of our clients

Read our most recent policy submissions and policy briefings here

Priorities for Investment 2020

Policy Briefing on Stakeholder Round Table 2019

Pre Budget Submission 2020

Pre Budget Submission 2019

Policy Briefing on Neuro Rehab Implementation

Pre Budget Submission 2019 Graphic

Oireachtas Special Committee Submission

Submission on Deprivation of Liberty 2018

Policy Briefing on Rehabilitation Medicine Model of Care

Priorities for investment 2020

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