Brain injury is a hidden phenomenon in Irish society. Nobody ever thinks it will happen to them. But it happens to 52 people in this country every day, often leaving them with a chronic, ongoing condition that can affect their lives and those of their family for months, years and even decades after the initial injury. Too often people who acquire brain injuries are young and they are left in inappropriate settings such as nursing homes, community hospitals or at home where families are unable to cope.

We hear every day about the crisis in our acute health services but what about the people left to exist after surviving a massive trauma like brain injury? There are 19,000 brain injuries acquired every year in Ireland and worldwide, brain injury is set to surpass other diseases as the biggest cause of death and disability. There is hardly a family in the country that hasn’t been touched by brain injuries caused by stroke, road traffic accidents, falls, tumours and assault.

This highlights a greater need for awareness around brain injury. If more people understand about brain injury at political level, in the health system and widely in the public, the easier it will be to achieve support for investment in the services needed to support individuals and their families.

Every day our rehabilitation teams go the extra mile to relentlessly advocate on behalf of clients to raise a voice for brain injury survivors and their families so they can get access to vital services.

How you can help raise a voice for brain injury:

  • Share your story/experience of brain injury
  • Engage with our social media activity
  • Become a brain injury advocate (we’ll guide you every step of the way!)

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