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Case Management

Case management

Your Case Manager is your link to ABI Ireland services and to independent living

The ABI Ireland Case Manager is a key member of the neuro-rehabilitation support team. He or she is a professional who serves as a point of contact for an individual with an acquired brain injury and his or her family.

The Case Manager provides a clear pathway for the person with the acquired brain injury from acute settings through to post-acute settings and into the community rehabilitation service. He or she is an advocate for the person living with an ABI and ensure they live as independent a life as possible by:

  • Links with the Primary Care Team (PCT), the first point of contact with the HSE
  • Identifies clients in hospital and acts as a bridge between them and the community. Provides links between clients and appropriate services.
  • Reduces the number of clients that ‘fall through the net’ and provides services where appropriate
  • Provides ongoing case management through a monitoring service /role in conjunction with the professionals involved.
  • Advocates on behalf of the clients when there are service gaps.

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