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Family Support Service

Family Support Services

Supporting the person with a brain injury and their family to understand living with a brain injury

When a loved one or relative acquires a brain injury it is a life-changing situation. ABI Ireland recognises that the family also lives with the acquired brain injury, not just the person directly affected. We know that family members need support themselves in order to be able to support their loved one.


The ABI Ireland Family Support Service is delivered by Social Workers or Family Support Workers on an individual or group basis and can take many forms.

Some of these involve: 

  • Counselling
  • Teaching coping skills
  • Exploring the challenges of the acquired brain injury
  • Dealing with grief and loss
  • Building relationships between the individual, family and community

This acquired brain injury-specific service reaches out to provide help and support to family members who are struggling to cope with the trauma of watching a loved one suffer the effects of brain injury.

Our Family Support Service sees the family as simultaneously one unit and a system of interpersonal relationships. The experiences of each family member and how the members interact with each other are all taken into account to help you deal with your individual situation.

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  • Respite care

    Respite for carers can be a lifeline, offering time out for both the carer and the cared for. Respite may be provided outside the home in an adult day care centre or an Assisting Living residence.

    Accessing Family Support Services

    A Family Support Worker or Social Worker may be a member of the Neuro-rehabilitation team that you and your loved one are working with. You can talk to them about your concerns. If you are not accessing family support as part of your IRP, please contact your Local Services Manager or Case Manager.

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