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Home and Community Rehabilitation

Community rehabilitation

Re -adjusting to life in the community after a brain injury

Home and Community Rehabilitation Services are for persons not residing in a rehabilitation facility, but accessing them from home or from a long stay setting. They may be provided hourly, on a sessional basis, or for a full day. A Home and Community Rehabilitation Service supports inclusion of people with ABI in the community, following a period of rehabilitation in hospital, as skills may need to be relearned.

Community Rehabilitation Services focus on improvement of functional skills, health and medical management and teaching alternatives to behaviours that interfere with a person’s functioning and rehabilitative progress. An Individual Rehabilitation Plan (IRP), outlining the goals and objectives of the person with an ABI may be developed by the neuro-rehabilitation team and implemented on a one to one basis by the Rehabilitation Assistant in the community.

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  • ABI Ireland’s multi-disciplinary approach

    ABI Irelands multi-disciplinary team approach is also referred to as the Neuro-Rehabilitation Team. This team is comprised of professionals from Clinical Psychology, Social Work and Occupational Therapy. They work with other team members such as Regional Managers, Local Service Managers, Case Managers, Community Services Managers and Rehabilitation Assistants to help the person with a brain injury (clients) develop rehabilitation goals and to access speech and language therapy, physiotherapy and other services as required.

    The neuro-rehabilitation team support people with an ABI and their families through a biopsychosocial model of service, which recognises that biological, psychological, and social factors and their complex interactions, must all be considered to ensure successful rehabilitation.

    The Individual Rehabilitation Plan (IRP) is developed with the person who has suffered a brain injury and is designed to outline and meet their rehabilitation goals and objectives.

    The clinical team meeting provides a forum for all of the involved staff to review progress towards goals identified by the client and members of the clinical team.

    Part of this process involved identifying any blocks to a client’s rehabilitation. Members of the clinical team undertake an agreed action to remove or minimise any blocks to rehabilitation.

    These teams can also include professional staff from the HSE services as we work closely together on Individual Rehabilitation Plans (IRPs)

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