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On With Life Brain Injury Support Network

Welcome to 'On With Life' - our brain injury family and friends support network

About On With Life

Our ‘On With Life’ Programme is a new Brain Injury Family and Friends Support Network. Our ambition is to establish a network of support groups all over the country, thanks to funding approved by the Government and the Dormant Accounts Fund.

We understand

We know that caring for a loved one with brain injury can be difficult without any help or support. Many family members and friends are thrust into the role of carer without warning. In addition, many of you may also be looking out for the health and wellbeing of other family members. Or you may have a job outside the home. Juggling all of these challenges is not easy. We;re here to help you get 'On With Life'.

The benefits to you

- Our brain injury support network will give you an opportunity to share the reality of living with an acquired brain injury in the family, in a safe place.

- We will provide you with information on steps to take to keep yourself physically and emotionally healthy.

- We will share tips on how to meet family needs or juggling your job

Our expertise at your fingertips

Acquired Brain Injury Ireland believes in a person-centred approach. This means we pay attention, not only to the needs of brain injury survivors but also to the needs of family carers and friends. We have learned  a lot about what helps a family carer carry on this valuable role and how carers need support too. We are here to share this information with you to help you understand more about brain injury and the new life you are currently living.

Who can attend?

On With Life is open to family members of brain injury survivors living with an acquired brain injury. You may already be linked into our services and now wish to avail of our new brain injury support groups. Or joining our On With Life support group network may be your first introduction to Acquired Brain Injury Ireland. You are all welcome.

How do I join?

Our first On With Life support group meetings will start in late September 2019 and these will be promoted on our facebook page. At any stage, feel free to get in touch with our Brain Injury Support Network co-ordinator Dolores Gallagher on or call 086-0102361.

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  • Quotes from families and friends living with acquired brain injury in the family

    “I no longer feel I’m left in the dark about brain injury thanks to support from Acquired Brain Injury Ireland”

    "I'm not usually good at asking for help. Knowing where to turn makes it easier"

    "I feel more like a nurse than a partner"

    "I need to learn the coping skills required to deal with the daily trials of supporting my husband"

    "Acquired Brain Injury Ireland has supported me and my family with practical information and strategies in a caring and thoughtful manner"

    "Getting a better understanding of what a person goes through after acquiring a brain injury is important so I can show more understanding "

    To learn more about our On With Life Brain Injury Family and Friends Support Network contact Dolores Gallagher at or 086-0102361

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