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Let’s see more investment in community rehabilitation


Let’s see more investment in community rehabilitation

“Completely insane” and “crazy” was how Áine Carroll, Professor of Healthcare Improvement at UCD, described the fact that more than one million people are on waiting lists in our health service.

Call for community health services

In particular, we welcome Professor Carroll’s comments in today’s Irish Times stressing the need for greater focus on the provision of services in community. This would mean a move away from a focus that seems to be “relentlessly hospital-obsessed”.

What’s it like for many brain injury survivors Acquired Brain Injury Ireland community rehabilitation team for brain injury survivors

At Acquired Brain Injury Ireland, too often we see too many brain injury survivors forced to live indefinitely in nursing homes or community hospitals without any access to rehabilitation to aid their recovery. Additionally, many more are discharged home to families who are often unable to cope. 19,000 people acquire brain injuries in Ireland annually from stroke, road traffic accidents, falls, assaults and brain tumours.

Benefits of helping to grow our services

Greater investment in our brain injury rehabilitation services in residential, community and clubhouse settings can: free up hospital beds, reduce delayed discharges and improve quality of life for people after brain injury.

Rehabilitation is not care

While our rehabilitation services are distinct from care services, there are times when both are necessary to support the recovery of a brain injury survivor to maximise their potential and rebuild their life as independently as possible.

Imbalance of services

The latest comments by Prof Carroll were made at the launch of new ESRI study which confirmed the large inequalities between counties regarding the supply of home care and residential care. According to today’s Irish Times article, “Eastern counties are generally under-served while Western counties are over-served relative to the average”.

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