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General Election 2020

2020 Election

The 2020 General Election is now upon us! On 8 February 2020 the country goes to the polls and a new government will be formed.

As part of our ongoing “Don’t Save Me, Then Leave Me” campaign, we want to get the message out to general election candidates about the lack of rehabilitation services for people with brain injury and their families.

We need your help to raise awareness of the issues with as many of the election candidates across the country!

How you can help!

1.       Help distribute our General Election 2020 postcard to as many of the election candidates as possible – when they call to your house or when you meet them on their canvass. Get in touch with your representatives by post, email and social media. Link them to this campaign web page.  You can download the  ABII Election Postcard Email here . For hard copies, email us with your postal address at .

2.       Tell election candidates about the lack of services for brain injury survivors. Demand a priority investment in neuro-rehabilitation services from hospital to home.

3.       Support and follow us on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Linked In and Instagram). Share our messages using the hashtags #righttorehab and #GE2020.

What should I say to election candidates?

There is a severe lack of neuro rehabilitation services for people living with a brain injury in Ireland.  When elected, we need you and the Government to prioritise investment in neuro-rehabilitation services. We want to see commitment in the Programme for Government to deliver on the Neuro-rehabilitation Framework, 2019-2021.

We need action now to include: