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Daily phone support for family carers


Daily phone support for family carers

The Coronavirus crisis is a difficult time for everyone and it is an extra challenge for family carers living with a loved one with brain injury. For many brain injury survivors, keeping to a routine is important. But now with restrictions on movement and having to adapt to social distancing, everyone’s lives are disrupted and this is not easy.

Call us for support

We want you to know that our On With Life Family and Friends Support Network is here for you. If you’re worried, frustrated, stressed or feeling isolated, call us. A problem shared is a problem halved. It can help to talk to someone who understands about brain injury and what you’re going through. It can also help to talk to someone that is not your family. We’re here for you.

Call us for practical advice

The Coronavirus pandemic is changing daily and you may be feeling overwhelmed by the news updates and advice. If you’re unsure of what to do, call us or drop an email to Dolores on

Or log on to the HSE website for the latest health advice about symptoms and self isolation.

Daily phone support for you

It’s good to talk. Our On With Life coordinator Dolores is available daily, Monday to Friday between these hours:

  • Mornings, 11am to 1pm
  • Afternoons, 2pm to 4pm

So don’t hesitate to call us.



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