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Psychological Services

Psychological Services

Neuro-psychological assessment and support for those with an acquired brain injury

The psychological impact of an acquired brain injury on an individual and his or her family is often severe and wide ranging. The Clinical Psychologist is an important component of the ABI Ireland approach to rehabilitation, and a key member of the neuro-rehabilitation support team. Psychological services can include assessment, individual counselling and psychotherapy, family therapy, relationship counselling and support groups which are targeted at the needs of both individuals and families experiencing ABI.

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  • Clinical Psychologists use both specialist and neuropsychological knowledge and their general training in clinical psychology to:

    • Carry out detailed assessments of cognition, emotion, behaviour and social competence.
    • Advise on the management of difficulties due to cognitive deficits.
    • Provide psychotherapeutic input to address the emotional impact of the injury and the deficits caused by the injury.
    • Devise and implement training programmes.
    • Facilitate personal, family and social adjustment.
    • Liaise with educational agencies and employers to advise on a return to education or work.
    • Advise on long-term care and rehabilitation.

    How do I refer someone with an acquired brain injury?

    To refer an individual for psychological support please download and complete the Referral Form Here.

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