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Brain injury is still a hidden phenomenon


Brain injury is still a hidden phenomenon

19,000 lives turned upside down every year

Nobody ever thinks a brain injury will happen to them. Yet as many as 19,000 lives are turned upside down annually in Ireland from newly acquired brain injuries. The biggest causes of brain injury that we see in our services are caused by stroke, road traffic accidents, assaults, falls and brain tumours.


Causes of acquired brain injury in our rehabilitation services

Young people stuck in nursing homes

Too often people who acquire brain injuries are young. Due to lack of services available at the time of injury, we still see young people left in settings like nursing homes, community hospitals or sent home where families are unable to cope.

Spread the word about brain injury

This is why we need much greater awareness of brain injury. Because if more people like you understand about brain injury, that’s more people who will listen about the services we need to rebuild lives. We need to educate people about brain injury – our politicians, our communities, our health system – so that everyone understands the importance of investing in rehabilitation. One of the best ways we can do this is through sharing real life stories.

Not enough data on brain injury

Unfortunately, there is not a lot of research available to show the actual incidence of brain injury in Ireland. That’s why research is so important – gathering the right data helps us build our case so we can ensure brain injury survivors and their families get access to vital, specialist and neuro-rehabilitation services like ours. But here is what know so far:

brain injury statistics in Ireland and in Acquired Brain Injury ireland

This is an extract from our Annual Report 2018.

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