Every year we run an independent customer satisfaction survey with our clients using the internationally benchmarked USPEQ survey. It’s extremely important to measure what we do to ensure our standards are maintained and that you receive the best service. Here is what our clients have to say:


said the "services enabled me to do things better"

51.5% strongly agree
43.6% agree
3% disagree
2% strongly disagree


said the services "meet my need"

54.9% strongly agree
41.7% agree
2.9% disagree
0.5% strongly disagree


said "got what I needed, when I needed it"

50.5% strongly agree
43.2% agree
5.8% disagree
0.5% strongly disagree


said "I agreed with goals in my plan"

47.8% strongly agree
48.3% agree
3.4% disagree
0.5% strongly disagree


said the service enabled them to "live as independently as I want"

38.6% strongly agree
47% agree
12.4% disagree
2% strongly disagree


of Acquired Brain Injury service users said they "felt safe here"

67.2% strongly agree
32.8% agree


said they "know where/how to get help in the community"

38.7% strongly agree
52.5% agree
6.9% disagree
2% strongly disagree


said that "staff treated me with respect / courtesy"

67.6% strongly agree
31.9% agree
0.5% disagree

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