When you are referred to our services, our clinical team will assess your needs and decide which neuro-rehabilitation service is most appropriate for you.

Home and community rehabilitation:

Our home and community rehabilitation services deliver one-to-one brain injury rehabilitation through our keyworkers, to support you achieving your goals at home and to encourage integration back into your community and family life. You may have experienced some rehabilitation in hospital, but further skills may need to be relearned at home after discharge. That’s why our home and community rehabilitation services provide a vital support for you as you rebuild your life. We ensure you continue to make progress on your recovery and maximise your potential after brain injury. Depending on your goals and needs, you may receive this rehabilitation support on hourly, on a sessional basis or for a full day.

Clubhouse and Day Services:

Our Clubhouse and Day Services provide vital peer support to enhance independence and encourage learning of new skills. Our members benefit from group and cognitive rehabilitation in a supportive and welcoming environment. Our services also act as important outlets where you can socialise and develop new relationships, as well as helping you explore new interests that will help to build on your strengths and capabilities. Our clubhouses and day services are particularly important for working on goals such as building your self-esteem, independence, community involvement and personal growth.

Transitional living unit:

Our transitional living service can help bridge the gap as you prepare to return to independent living at home. The service provides intensive rehabilitation and support in a residential setting Monday to Friday from 6 weeks for up to 6 months, depending on your needs. Currently we only operate one transitional living unit in Sligo, and it is our ambition to secure funding to grow this much-needed service.

Residential rehabilitation:

After the trauma of a brain injury, you may find that returning home after a stay in hospital is not an option for you straight away. That’s where our residential rehabilitation service gives you a home from home experience where you can benefit from long-term, tailored brain injury rehabilitation. Our residential units typically support to 4-5 residents in a house to maximise your independence in a safe and homely place on a 24/7 basis. In this setting, you can work on rehabilitation goals related to personal care, cookery, home management and household finances. You are also encouraged to access local amenities in the community such as libraries and leisure facilities.