We belong together…

Join us and sign your organisation or workplace up to become a corporate partner and help Acquired Brain Injury Ireland to offer a second chance at life to brain injury survivors.

When you join forces with Acquired Brain Injury Ireland, you are becoming part of a community with hope at its core. At Acquired Brain Injury Ireland, we believe that regardless of ability or disability, we all deserve to live a meaningful life and that we do not need to settle for less than we are capable of. Through a wide range of services, we strive to ensure our clients live their full life every day and with your help, we can continue making this their reality.

Corporate partnerships are so important to help Acquired Brain Injury Ireland maintain our essential services. Every partnership offers something so valuable and unique for our organisation because every company is different. We will work closely with you to provide exciting and fun opportunities on how we can work together.

Benefits of coming becoming an Acquired Brain Injury Ireland Charity Partner:

    • Helping to provide a second chance at life for brain injury survivors.
    • Helping to bring brain injury survivors home to loved ones.
    • Enhancing staff morale and encouraging team building.
    • Meeting Corporate Social Responsibility goals.
    • Reaching new audiences and driving sales.
    • Enhancing reputation and your brand.
    • Connecting with communities through a national charity with a local network of services.
    • Receiving support from Acquired Brain Injury Ireland from beginning to end.


We have included some of the many ways that we can work together to develop a meaningful partnership and change lives:

Charity of the Year

Partnering with Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Ireland is a wonderful way to get your entire organisation united for one common goal – helping to rebuild the lives shattered by brain injury. Choosing ABI Ireland as your Charity of the Year is a fantastic way to engage your staff and customers while making a real difference to brain injury survivors and their loved ones. There so many ways to get involved from fundraising in the office to getting the teams outdoors and taking on a fundraising challenge. We will work with you to determine a fundraising target and develop exciting ideas for everyone to enjoy. Whatever you decide is suitable for your organisational goals, we will support you every step of the way.

Staff-led Fundraising

This is a great way for your entire team to get involved. The creative juices can really get flowing as ideas are thrown out before settling on something everyone can play a part in. Whatever your team chooses, we are on hand to provide support and any materials that you may need.

Corporate Donation

If you don’t have the resources to hold your own fundraising event, perhaps as an organisation, you would like to make a donation to help us to provide the care and support to enable brain injury survivors regain independence and make the most of their second chance at life. Tax relief is also available on any donation over €250 that you make to ABI Ireland.

Matched Giving

A wonderful way to celebrate the fantastic fundraising efforts of your staff is by matching the funds that they raise. This is a lovely way for companies who have staff members supporting a number of causes close to their hearts to get involved.


We are continuously working to develop our services due to the huge volume of people who require our support and their wide range of needs. We are constantly in need of new equipment and resources to continue our dedication and commitment to improving the quality of the lives of the people in our care. Gifts in kind will enable your company to contribute to our work in a way that is both appropriate for you and Acquired Brain Injury Ireland.


Get in touch to have a chat about how your staff can volunteer and benefit our services throughout the country. Your time and skills can make a huge difference to those we serve.

Legacy / Wills Gifts Enquiries

Please contact the Legacy team at Fundraising@abiireland.ie or call 01 2804164 

Our Funding and Governance

It truly is critically important to us that we maintain the best standards when receiving donations from our generous supporters. These principles will enable you as our supporter to maintain a full level of support and appreciation for and from Acquired Brain Injury Ireland.

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