Jack was a young man who had his future ahead of him. A horrific accident changed everything. Visiting the UK for a funeral, he was hit by a lorry and he received life-threatening and life-changing injuries.

Spending weeks in a coma, and months in a hospital in the UK following the accident which almost took his life. He had broken his hip, pelvis and foot. He had broken bones in his face and lost several teeth. Additionally, he was blind in one eye and had an acquired brain injury.

Jack returned home and began to live in an Acquired Brain Injury Ireland residential service to work towards the independent life he had lived.

Jack is one of the lucky ones, 19,000 people a year acquire a brain injury around the country with approximately 150,000 people living with one. If you can support Acquired Brain Injury Ireland with a gift it will make a massive difference in the lives of other brain injury survivors like Jack around the country. Please donate today.

Jack’s life is not the life that he expected to be living as he entered his thirties but because of the kindness displayed by amazing people like you, Jack has the opportunity to rebuild his life and set new goals.

There are so many more Jack’s out there who are waiting to rebuild their lives. There are so many families who see their dearest loved ones, stuck, and without hope.

Please, will you send a gift of whatever you can today?




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