Jennifer's Story

Jennifer was 33 years old when her life changed forever. It was a normal day for youth worker, Jennifer. She was at the job that she loved preparing for an upcoming project when she was assaulted.

Insisting she was fine, Jennifer tried to go about life as normal, but when she realised, she couldn’t remember how to make a cup of tea, that she knew something was wrong.

Jennifer was admitted to hospital and remained there for a number of weeks as her brain was bleeding.

Jennifer discovered she had lost her hearing as a result of the assault and it was years before she received any support. Eventually, Jennifer got the support for her hearing loss and her own hearing dog.

But while one problem was solved, Jennifer faced so many others. She would have uncontrollable outbursts and didn’t know why.

Jennifer’s family were constantly trying to find help. Answers, solutions, anything that would make a difference. And one day, they found Acquired Brain Injury Ireland.

With her key worker Carolina’s support, Jennifer has been able to achieve her ultimate goal of living in her own home. Carolina provided Jennifer with practical strategies that she now puts into practice to live an independent life.

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