Leanne's Story

Leanne is lucky to be  at home with her family because at one stage it looked like she might not live. Leanne was beginning to start a family when suddenly things changed in an unimaginable way.

As she prepared to leave the hospital and take her baby home to begin this new life, she collapsed. It was all a blur as she was rushed for urgent treatment. In an instant, she went from being ready to give all her love and care to her newborn daughter to being someone who was in need of constant support.

When Leanne left the hospital, she went to live in a residential service that Acquired Brain Injury Ireland operates. Living there gave her independence and she was able to begin to do many things for herself again. That is what Acquired Brain Injury Ireland, and your support can give to brain injury survivors like Leanne.

Leanne is one of the lucky ones, 19,000 people a year acquire a brain injury around the country with approximately 150,000 people living with one. If you can support Acquired Brain Injury Ireland with a gift it will make a massive difference in the lives of other brain injury survivors like Leanne around the country. Please donate today.

Leanne’s life is not the life that she expected to be living but because of the kindness displayed by amazing people like you, Leanne can rebuild her life and set new goals.

There are so many more Leanne’s out there who are waiting to rebuild their lives. There are so many families who see their dearest loved ones, stuck, and without hope.

Please, will you send a gift of whatever you can today?




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