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Today’s news – don’t read all about it


Today’s news – don’t read all about it

We’re advising our staff and our clients to limit their news intake every day to help reduce anxiety, worry or stress. The Coronavirus pandemic is changing daily and with so many news outlets pushing information, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed or that you can’t switch off. For many of us, watching too much news and particularly news that is upsetting, can result in disrupted sleep at night or feelings of anxiety and stress. But there are steps we can take to cope with COVID anxiety.

Let’s limit our news intake together

Experts say that it only takes 21 days to form a new habit if it’s not too hard. So let’s make today, the first day you start to limit your news. Choose a trusted source and choose one or two times in the day that you will allow yourself to read, watch or listen to the news. Rinse and repeat – do this every day for 21 days!

Do this for 21 days:

  • avoid watching 24-hour news all day
  • decide you will only watch/read/listen to the news once or twice a day
  • limit your exposure to graphic news stories or images
  • get accurate information from trusted sources

Trusted sources:

Communication is important during a crisis so people know what’s going on. But of course we all live in an age where there is endless news available because the internet doesn’t sleep. There are so many places to get information – newspapers, TV, internet, social media, messages from friends and family. You feel like you’re always on or always behind. Is that story true? Or is it a rumour? Do they know something I don’t know? The trusted sources we recommend are as follows:

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