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Carers Training Programmes

Carers training

The Carers Programme will help you develop skills to care for someone with an acquired brain injury

The ABI Ireland Carer Programme focuses on the importance of the role as a Family Carer and what you can do to keep life fulfilling and happy for you and your family. We know that caring for a loved is something you may find difficult without any help or support. In addition to being the Family Carer of a person with ABI, you may also be looking out for other family members, parents, siblings, in-laws and children. In addition, you may have a job outside the home also.

Brain Aware gives carers an opportunity to share their reality of living with an acquired brain injury in the family, in a safe place.

ABI Ireland can provide you with information on steps you can take to keep yourself physically and emotionally healthy. We also will offer tips related to your role in meeting your family’s needs and operating in the work place. A theme to remember: resources exist all around you that can be of help to you and the person you care for. Over the past decade there has been more attention to the important role that Family Carers play in the lives of people with ABI. We have learned a lot about what helps a Carer carry on this valuable role and how Carers themselves need support. We are here to share this information with you to help you understand acquired brain injury and the new life you are currently living.

ABI Ireland offer several resources to assist someone that is caring for a loved one with an acquired brain injury. Our resources consist of the following:

  • A Guidebook for Those Caring for a Loved One with an Acquired Brain Injury
  • 3 Week Regional Carer Programmes: Practical informational awareness sessions for those caring for an individual with an ABI
  • Regional and Local Support Group led by ABI Ireland experts in the field of ABI
  • Online Informational Awareness sessions for carers.

Read inspiring stories from ABI survivors, their carers & healthcare professionals. Click here.

Carers find the course valuable on many levels. Read what carers who attended Brain Aware training sessions have to say.

"I no longer feel I’m left in the dark about brain injury"

"The course gave me the courage to ask for more help"

"I learned lots of information around brain injury and the effects on the person and family; practical advice and useful strategies"

"I learned the coping skills required to deal with the daily trials of supporting my husband"

"The trainers knew their subject well and gave information and strategies in a caring and thoughtful manner"

"It has given me a better understanding of what a person goes through after acquiring a brain injury"


A commendation from the Irish Healthcare Awards 2010

Winner of the Astellas Pharma Changing Tomorrow Award in the Hope Category 2012

Shortlisted for an Aontas Star Award in the Nationwide Category 2012

The ABI Ireland Brain Aware training programme is supported by The Department of Environment, Community and Local Government.

If you would like to register for Acquired Brain Injury Ireland Carers Programme please contact Nuala Collins at or (01) 280 4164

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