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Case Management

Case management

A coordinator, a support, a listening ear; your Case Manager is your link to ABI Ireland services and to independent living.

After a brain injury you may need a number of services and supports from many different organisations at different times in your recovery. The ABI Case Manager is a professional who serves as your main point of contact for you and your family; ideally from very early on after the injury.

The Case Manager will make sure you are getting the resources you need, monitor progress and communicate with you, your family and other professionals as appropriate.

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  • In addition, the Case Manager;

    • Identifies local sources of help
    • Investigates possible activities that may be available to help your recovery
    • Help you structure your time
    • Educate and support family carers

    The Case Manager is dedicated to seeing you live as independently as possible.

    If you have any questions, suggestions or requests talk to your case manager.

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