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Day Resource Services

A community where members work together towards a common goal of community re-integration.

The ABI Ireland Day Resource Service is first and foremost a community. It is an all rounded model of service which helps you enhance your self-esteem, independence, community involvement and personal growth after a brain injury. The day rehabilitation service provides a range of cognitive, social, educational, creative and rehabilitative activities in a supportive environment. The Day Resource Centre is a place where you can be accepted for who you are and work together with other members towards the common goal of re-integrating into the community.

Day resource services are like a club house model, a place where you can meet others who have also suffered and ABI and work together every day in a welcoming and supportive atmosphere.

Members choose the activities they want to get involved in from a choice of programmes designed to help aid your rehabilitation recovery.

Programmes are changed and varied from time to time, with some of the these including: cooking, gardening, art, yoga, music, computers, creative writing, cognitive skills, drama, photography, social skills, self-advocacy, geographic exploration, arts and crafts, history and art appreciation. You will also be involved in the running of the everyday tasks of the resource centre to ensure to remains a welcome and supportive atmosphere.

The Day resource centre is about encouraging you to form new relationships and find new interests while building on your strengths and capabilities.

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  • Side by Side

    ABI Ireland Day Resource services provide members with an ABI with a work-ordered day filled with meaningful activities. Members attend the Day Resource Service on a daily basis to access the programmes of their choice, while also acting as a base from which you can access different services and amenities in the locality.

    To find out if there is a Day Resource service in your local region contact the ABI Ireland regional office in your area.

    How do I get involved in the Day Resource services?

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