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Family Support Service

Supporting the person with a brain injury and their family to understand living with a brain injury

Your family is facing a life-altering situation. ABI Ireland recognises that the family also lives with the acquired brain injury, not just the person directly affected. We recognise that family members need support in to understand ABI and how best they can support you.

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The ABI Ireland Family Support Service is delivered by Social Workers or Family Support Workers on an individual or group basis and can take many forms:

  • Counselling
  • Teaching coping skills
  • Exploring the challenges of the acquired brain injury
  • Dealing with grief and loss
  • Building relationships between the individual, family and community.

Family Support Services aim to help the whole family cope with the effect of an ABI. This service varies from region to region however it can include:

  • Family carer support groups.
  • Emotional supports and ABI information and training for family carers and significant others.
  • Practical advice and support – e.g. social welfare benefits, housing information.
  • Family meetings, referral and neuro-rehabilitation team support.
  • Providing links to the wider community.
  • Respite services - provided in the form of an adult day centre or Assisted Living service.

Our Family Support Service sees the family unit in a holistic way, valuing all its members.

Accessing Family Support Services

There is usually a Family Support Worker or a Social Worker on the Community Neuro-rehabilitation team.

If you are not accessing family support as part of your IRP, please contact your Case Manager or Local Services Manager.

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