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Home and Community Rehabilitation

Community rehabilitation

Re -adjusting to life in the community after a brain injury

After a brain injury you may return home from a medical setting such as an acute hospital, but still be in need of neuro-rehabilitation services to assist with any behavioural or physical changes you may have suffered due to your acquired brain injury.

Home and Community Rehabilitation Services are for persons who are not residing in a rehabilitation facility, but accessing them from their own home or a long term setting. Home and Community rehabilitation services are very often a follow on from medical rehabilitation; helping you re-adjust to life in the community following a period of rehabilitation in hospital, as skills may need to be relearned.

Alternatively if you haven’t had any hospital rehabilitation and have had a head injury you can still be assessed for Home and Community Rehabilitation services to help you focus on improving any skills you feel you may have lost.

Community rehabilitation services will help you through focusing on improving your functional skills, health and medical management while also teaching you different ways to deal with behaviours that are interfering with your rehabilitation progress.

An Individual Rehabilitation Plan (IRP) will be developed by a multi-disciplinary neuro-rehabilitation team and implemented on a one-to-one basis with a Rehabilitation Assistant. The IRP is the cornerstone of a personal community reintegration programme designed specifically for you.

The community multi-disciplinary neuro-Rehabilitation team is made up of you and a family member along with a Clinical Psychologist, Social Worker/Family Liaison Officer, Occupational Therapist, a Local Services Manager, Community/Case Manager and Rehabilitation Assistants. Teams also access support from speech-, language- and physio-therapists as required.

For details on what each of these team members do, see the Neuro-rehabilitation page.

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