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Individual Rehabilitation Plan (IRP)

individual rehabilitation plan

A set of identified goals which provides the core focus of activity for you and your neuro-rehabilitation team

Following a brain injury you may be suffering from certain neurological impairments or loss of certain brain function; for example you may be having difficulty remember things, making decisions, concentrating, difficulty with your mobility or speech and language. Neuro-rehabilitation, after a brain injury, is a problem solving process carried out by a neuro-rehabilitation team of qualified clinicians who identify, recommend and put in place the knowledge, skills and supports you need to help improve your physical, psychological and social functioning.  

At the heart of ABI Irelands everyday work is the Individual Rehabilitation Plan (IRP).  

The IRP is developed by a neuro-rehabilitation team along with you and is tailored to meet your needs. The IRP enables you to make decisions that affect all aspects of your life, helping you identify and reach personal goals that are important to you.

An IRP is a set of identified goals, which provide the core focus of activity you and the key staff member supporting you. These are the goals you want to work on along with a plan of what you need to do to achieve those goals 

You can select a number of goals to work on and they can be from different aspects of your life if you wish. Many people choose to work on goals which help them to complete therapy programmes, learn about their injury, develop their independent living skills, participate in work/training activities, access their local community, etc. 

Your neuro-rehabilitation team will write up the goals of your Individual Rehabilitation Plan so they are specific to your needs, can be measured with a certain timeframe, and are both achievable and realistic.

Your IRP is regularly reviewed with opportunities to set new goals when your goals have been achieved.

Your IRP is a way for everybody involved in your rehabilitation, including your family and carers, to understand what your objectives are. To see how a neuro-rehabilitation team is made up, click here


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  • IRPs are regularly reviewed with opportunities to set new goals when the stated goals are achieved.

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