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Residential Rehabilitation

Assisted Living

A home-from-home at one of our 15 Residential Rehabilitation services across Ireland

ABI Irelands Assisted living service provides a home from home for people with an ABI. The focus of the Assisted Living Service is to provide rehabilitation and support in a residential setting, with a view to enhancing the independent living skills of individuals who have an ABI. Between four to six people live together in a safe environment where they are respected, empowered and supported by rehabilitation staff on a 24/7 basis.

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Activities of Daily Living at the Assisted Living Residence

Activities of Daily Living are an important part of your neuro-rehabilitation plan in learning to live independently again. You will be supported to carry out activities such as your own personal care, home management, cookery, finance, health and safety and accessing local community services e.g. leisure facilities, of others of interest to you.

Cognitive Skills

‘Cognitive’ refers to alertness and attention to the environment we live in. Cognitive difficulties are a common effect of brain injury causing you difficulty with your memory, knowledge, insight, emotional control, judgement, problem-solving, orientation to time, place and person, language, empathy and reasoning. Our ABI Ireland staff work with you to develop these skills.

Social skills

Social skills can be lost as a result of a brain injury and so might need to be re-learned during your rehabilitation process. Social skills’ training is a primary part of ABI Irelands Assisted Living Service. Social skills refer to communication, appropriate behaviour, and your ability to take direction, social cues, judgement, perception and reasoning. It can also refer to motivation, emotions, frustration, being impulsive, depression, irritability, awareness and self-control.

An agreement between us and you

If you become a resident at an ABI Ireland Assisted Living Residence you will be provided with a service agreement for your stay. This agreement takes the form of a written document, drawn up with you and your next of kin or designated carer. It will include information about your individually tailored rehabilitation programme and the policies and procedures that are in place to ensure you live in a safe environment.

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