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Transitional Living Services

Transitional Living

Stepping stone to independent living

The focus of transitional living is to provide rehabilitation and support in a residential setting that enables you to return to an independent living lifestyle in your community. At our Transitional Living Unit (TLU) you will be supported by a specialist neuro- rehabilitation team made up of ABI Clinicians, a Local Services Manager and Rehabilitation Assistants

Time spent in the TLU will also allow the rehabilitation team to assess your independent living potential and the level of support you need to return to your own home or move back with your family.

At the TLU you will have your own Individual Rehabilitation Plan (IRP) which will assist your rehabilitation. The IRP is a personal neuro-rehabilitation profile for you that will outline your objectives, the goals you want to achieve, your abilities and the supports you may need to achieve these goals. The IRP is developed by you and your neuro-rehabilitation team. This ensures you are at the centre of any decisions made about your rehabilitation recovery.

The nature of a transitional living service is that it is low support, and the focus is on enabling you to live in your own home. As a resident, you and your fellow residents are responsible for all the different household tasks required of a person living in this setting. There will be staff available to assist, observe and assess performance in all areas of daily living. There will also be rehabilitative programmes available for you to attend on different days; some of these include swimming, gardening, art and craft therapy and many more.

The specialised elements of your Individual Rehabilitation Plan which you have outlined will be provided by the neuro-rehabilitation team and supported by Rehabilitative Assistants. Some of this programme will be carried out in the Transitional Living Unit itself, while others will take place out in the community in different meeting places; encouraging you to gain confidence in socialising or accessing facilities of your choice in your community again.

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