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What are political parties saying about neuro-rehab in their manifestos?


What are political parties saying about neuro-rehab in their manifestos?

As election day looms closer on 8 Feb, we want to know – which parties are going to deliver more community rehabilitation?

It’s eight years since the national Neuro-Rehabilitation Strategy was launched and eight years on we are still crying out for rehabilitation services around the country. We really can’t wait any longer and we want to see real commitment in the Programme for Government to invest in neuro-rehab for brain injury survivors. So what are the parties saying in their manifestos?

What are the ‘Yes’ parties saying?

Well Fine Gael states that they “will have a ring-fenced fund for vital national strategies and fund the implementation of the Neuro-Rehabilitation Strategy”.

Fianna Fáil recognises the “demand for neuro-rehabilitation services” and agrees that current “service are completely insufficient to meet current needs”. They go on to say that they will “establish community neuro-rehabilitation teams in each of the nine CHO areas” at a cost of €5.2m.

Meanhwhile Sinn Féin stresses the need to “help those with neuro-rehabilitation needs to lead full and meaningful lives by giving them quality, tailored rehabilitation and support through neuro-rehabilitation teams and transitional units”.

Finally the Social Democrats focus on the need for “massive investment in new primary care staff” which would include increasing the number of case managers for acquired brain injury.

When candidates knock on your door

Tell them the scale of the brain injury problem in Ireland – that 19,000 people will have a brain injury this year. Don’t be surprised if they don’t know this – brain injury is a silent epidemic in this country. Find out more about how you can help here.

Tell them there is hardly a family in the country that hasn’t been touched by brain injuries caused by stroke, road traffic accidents, falls, tumours and assault. Yet despite the massive scale of brain injury, it is a lottery to access neuro-rehabilitation services.

Tell your local election candidates you want to see:

  • investment in community rehabilitation services
  • investment in case managers to deliver a basic national service to support families affected by brain injury
  • investment to ensure sustainability of Acquired Brain Injury Ireland services nationwide
  • Investment to support Acquired Brain Injury Ireland’s development of Ireland’s first regional neuro-rehab centre

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