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New rehab services for Cavan and Roscommon


New rehab services for Cavan and Roscommon

We are happy to announce that Acquired Brain Injury Ireland is rolling out two new dedicated community neuro-rehabilitation services in Cavan and Roscommon this year.

Every year in Ireland an estimated 13,000 people acquire a brain injury resulting in life-altering, dramatic change. These injuries happen suddenly and are often traumatic, caused by road traffic accidents, stroke, assaults, concussion and viral infections like meningitis.

At Acquired Brain Injury Ireland, we know early access to community rehabilitation services is vital to ensure brain injury survivors can start to rebuild their functional, behavioural or cognitive skills at home after they leave hospital.

Barbara O'Connell Chief Executive Acquired Brain Injury Ireland talking about the importance of community neuro-rehabilitation

Barbara O’Connell, Chief Executive

Barbara O’Connell, Chief Executive, Acquired Brain Injury Ireland said: “Brain injury is a hidden phenomenon in our society and nobody ever thinks it will happen to them. But it happens to 35 people in this country every day, often leaving them with a chronic and ongoing condition that can affect their lives and those of their family for months, years and even decades after the initial injury.

“Too often people who acquire brain injuries are young and left in appropriate settings such as nursing homes, community hospitals or at home where families are unable to cope. At Acquired Brain Injury Ireland, we know the difference it makes to have access to neuro-rehabilitation services in community to work on a person’s psychological, social, cognitive and mobility issues in their own environment as they work to rebuild their lives. We are delighted to bring new services to Cavan and Roscommon this year not only to help more survivors but also to give their families receive the necessary clinical support in their role as carers.”

The new Community Neurorehabilitation pilot service in Roscommon is a very positive development in the area and builds on the Resource Centre currently operating in Roscommon Town since 2014.

In Cavan, the Community Neurorehabilitation service due to commence late spring/early summer will be in addition to the Case Management Service provided by Acquired Brain Injury Ireland on behalf of the HSE across the Cavan and Monaghan areas since 2006. For more than a decade, the case management service has been a vital link for individuals and their families in navigating services from acute to community settings to prevent brain injury survivors ‘falling through the net’.

Acquired Brain Injury Ireland is Ireland’s leading provider of community rehabilitation for those of working age (18-65 years) living with and recovering from an acquired brain injury. At any one time, the national not-for-profit organisation delivers dedicated individual rehabilitation to an estimated 1,100 people, helping them to rebuild their lives.


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