Our Local Services Manager in Sligo, Teresa O’Boyle has welcomed the latest confirmation from Sligo County Council that a new pedestrian crossing will be developed to ensure the safety of vulnerable users at the Cleveragh Drive/Tonaphubble Road junction.

Our advocacy in action

This is a great example of our advocacy in action! Our local Sligo team joined forces with the Tonaphubble Residents Association, Northwest Parents and Friends Association and Rehabcare to carry out a ‘walkability audit’ in the area. The purpose of the audit was to identify issues affecting more vulnerable street users like our brain injury survivors.

Walkability issues

A local resident Mr Jacko Kelly, who uses a motorised wheelchair took the group on a tour of the area to show how certain areas were not accessible to all. Some of the problems included no drop kerbs for wheelchair users and older people or a lack of footpaths beside dangerous stretches of road.

Good things come to those who wait!

The first meeting of the Walkability Audit Group took place in July 2019 in the Acquired Brain Injury Ireland premises in Sligo. A firm supporter of the initiative, Councillor Tom Mac Sharry chaired the first meeting. At the meeting Acquired Brain Injury Ireland was joined by Rehabcare, engineers from Sligo County Council, local residents and the Sligo Public Participation Network.

Great result!

Ms O’Boyle stated that: “This is a welcome example of how Sligo County Council is following through on commitments to engage people with a disability and the community into the planning and design of public infrastructure.”

Advocacy is at the heart of our work

Every day our rehabilitation teams advocate on behalf of people with brain injuries on issues like this one. We act as a voice for people with brain injury and their families at both local and national level to ensure their access to the services they need.

Thank you to our partners

Congratulations to everyone involved in making Sligo safer and more accessible for vulnerable users. Getting the green light on this pedestrian crossing shows the real power of collaboration and partnership in driving positive change.

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