Rehabilitation Anywhere is a new online programme from Acquired Brain Injury Ireland, providing remote education along with strategies, tips and activities to help anyone who has been affected in some way by an acquired brain injury (ABI). The project makes tools and resources available to survivors of ABI, their families and carers, as well as to healthcare professionals, regardless of location.


Since its foundation, the purpose of Acquired Brain Injury Ireland has been to help those impacted by brain injury to rebuild their lives. We do this by providing a range of specialised, community-based rehabilitation services, as well as by offering training, advocacy, education and practical help. Each year we work with some 1,200 survivors of brain injury, alongside their families, friends and supporters. But we know that with 19,000 individuals acquiring a brain injury in Ireland every year, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Rehabilitation Anywhere was established as a way to reach more of those living with an ABI in Ireland and overseas. Throughout the pandemic our staff and clients were motivated to trial and experience a range of digital neurorehabilitation tools and resources. We realised that ‘going digital’ enabled us to break down geographical boundaries, and we engaged with ABI survivors living in all corners of Ireland with overwhelming success.

With the launch of Rehabilitation Anywhere, we have harnessed the best of those online resources and developed a toolkit of videos, fact sheets and activities for anyone who may need them. All our educational content has been informed by our team of clinical experts and specialist rehabilitation assistants, and is available to anyone – not just existing service users of Acquired Brain Injury Ireland.

Two years on from Covid-19 we have a better understanding of the potential for rehabilitation in an online world. We hope Rehabilitation Anywhere will extend the reach of our vital neurorehabilitation services and help rebuild even more lives.

We aim to continuously develop the Rehabilitation Anywhere programme, improving access to vital education and information to support those affected by an ABI. To help us to keep the content relevant and updated, we request that site users register an account with us. Click here to access Rehabilitation Anywhere! 




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