From Thursday 25rd June for 6 weeks @11-12pm via Zoom

What is Active Relaxation?

You might think that relaxation is all about doing nothing. During active relaxation, we choose to follow a process of relaxation on a regular basis with the aim of developing a skill that we can use anywhere/anytime.

What will I learn?

  • Evidence-based relaxation techniques will include basic gentle breathing guidance and guided visualisations.
  • The practices are very short, accessible, easy to learn and are very effective for most people.
  • Scripts and recordings will be provided so you can learn the techniques
  • These techniques may help the person you care for to manage their stress, pain, emotional control and/or attention difficulties.
  • Your commitment will be to trial the weekly practice (all 10 minutes or less) in between sessions. Ideally daily or as close to as possible.
  • This is an interactive training where participants will have an opportunity each week to give a 2-minute feedback on their progress with the practices and an opportunity to practice in a group of 2 in the Zoom breakout rooms. The best way to embed relaxation techniques as part of your daily life is to teach them to others.

Members: 10 members maximum
Group facilitators: Emer Duffy Specialist Occupational and Yoga Therapist and Dolores Flanagan Peer Support Facilitator

Aim of the group:

This free of charge group aims to empower carers of survivors of ABI to develop the skills to lead themselves through the active relaxation process and/or to also lead the person they care for through the relaxation process.


To book your spot please contact Dolores at dgallagher@abiireland.ie or 086-0102361

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