20 laps of Thomond Park you say? You think you could do it? Well first of all you’re welcome to do it too and support Brian’s fundraiser! It’s the perfect goal to keep you motivated during these times of isolation and restrictions. But what we didn’t tell you is that what makes this rehabilitation goal truly INCREDIBLE – is that Brian normally spends most of his day in a wheelchair.

Before my brain injury

Brian said: “Before my brain injury, my fitness levels were excellent as I attended the gym four times a week. I swam, ran and cycled. I was a non-smoker and in excellent health.”

Brain injury caused by assault

But after an unprovoked one-punch assault in 2009, Brian suffered a right-side hematoma. This caused left-sided weakness which meant that Brian had to use a wheelchair to get around. He added: “When I came out of my coma, I realised to my horror that I had lost my sight as well.”

Cocooning is a chance to get fit

A glass half-full person, Brian has embraced cocooning during the Coronavirus pandemic as a chance to get fit. He said: “Rather than being a negative, cocooning has given me an opportunity to take on a new challenge. I have a chance to exercise, get stronger and lose some weight.”

The feel-good factor

Brian is loving every minute of getting outside and getting out of his wheelchair. He said: “I feel great. My plan is to walk everyday as far as I can. In the last 3 weeks I have walked over 3,000 meters which is equivalent to 8 laps of the Thomond Park pitch! I’m really thrilled with myself. Exercise is a great mood booster.”

20-lap target

Not one to do things lightly, Brian has set himself a target which is equivalent to 20 laps of Thomond Park by the end of May! He said: “Acquired Brain Injury Ireland is giving me back my independence, so I want to give back to them.”

Support more brain injury survivors

We’re so proud of Brian and everything he achieves. If you would like to support Brian and his family and help them reach their €10,000 target to support other brain injury survivors in need of neuro-rehabilitation services – check out their Facebook fundraiser here.

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