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Our Policy Work

ABI Ireland policy work aims to influence social and health policies that impact on people living with an ABI and their families.  Through this work we highlights that issues that people face, the gaps there are in policy and propose solutions for policy makers that are evidenced based.  We engage in a range of activities including making submissions to government and other relevant bodies, engage in policy advocacy and make sure that ABI Ireland is represented on a variety of local, regional and national fora.

ABI falls into the broad category of disability and therefore the development of disability policy in Ireland has a direct relevance to the social policy context within which we are operating.  At the disabillity policy level the key policy documents include the National Disability Strategy 2005, Disabililty Act 2005, Value for Money and Policy Review 2012 (and its Implementation Framework, 2013).  Specifically in terms of neuro-rehabilitation there is the National Policy and Strategy for the Provision of Neuro-Rehabilitation Services in Ireland 2011-2015.

The emphasis and essence of the disability policy and related legislation is the move towards assessments as a right (but not yet established in practice), a shift away from congragated settings towards lindividualised, person-centred supports with some tacit commitments to developing personlised budgeting.  The Neuro-Rehabilitation Strategy 2011 sets out a policy framework in terms of developing neuro-rehabilitation services in Ireland but is limited on implemetation/actions in that it only goes so far as to talk about policy principles, a structure and a methodology for implementation.  A working group has now been established to develop an implementation framework.

The HSE Service Plan published yearly is the realisation of these policy initiatives in practice.  This annual servcie plan gives not only the deliverables that are expected but also the funding allocation.

At the broader levels other policy issues have a greater or lesses impact and are relevant including the primary care strategy,  Healthy Ireland, Fair Deal (Nursing Home Subvention Scheme) and a Vision for Change.


Policy Submissions

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