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An Individual Rehabilitation Plan (IRP)

Every brain injury is different. An individual assessment and plan is needed for each person to aid recovery after brain injury.

Neuro-rehabilitation is a clinical and social process to aid recovery after a brain injury. It is about relearning, compensating and regrowth so the person lives a life of their own choosing. It supports the person to live a meaningful everyday life. Each individual is assessed and a plan is put in place. The person is gradually supported by the (neuro-rehabilitation) team to regain skills, adapt to the environment and learn new ways to cope with day-to-day life.

The IRP is developed by a neuro-rehabilitation team in partnership with the person with a brain injury and is tailored to meet his or her needs.  The Neuro-rehabilitation team is typically made up of the person with an ABI (the client), a family Member/Carer, Local Services Manager, Case Manager, Rehabilitation Assistant – Key worker and relevant Clinical Team Members.

The IRP gives the person living with an acquired brain injury the chance to be involved in the decisions that affect their lives. It gives them the chance to set goals that are meaningful to them, while providing the focus for achieving those goals. The plan also includes a personal profile identifying the person’s current abilities and support needs.

The IRP allows everybody involved in the rehabilitation process to understand what the clients’ objectives are, and the way in which they plan to achieve these objectives. The IRP is regularly reviewed with opportunities to set new goals when identified goals have been achieved.

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