Welcome To Dr Eddie Murphy's Practical Toolkit for Carers

Acquired Brain Injury Ireland has developed a new video toolkit for families and carers as part of its On With Life programme, together with Clinical Psychologist, Author and Mental Health Advocate Dr Eddie Murphy.

The videos provide carers with dedicated guidance, tips and peer support, including information on how to stay emotionally and physically healthy, about the role of caring, and details about how to become part of a virtual network.

Acquiring a brain injury often results in a dramatically altered life at home, in work or in social settings. It also has an enormous impact on those who care for the person. They can be forgotten and greatly struggle with the challenges. However, On With Life is here to help carers and family members to manage the impact of brain injury and to offer support as part of a structured network.

The videos are divided into sections and can be viewed below, or on our YouTube channel.

Session 1 - The experience of people living with an individual with an Acquired Brain Injury

The Carer's Role

Session 2 - Recognising compassion, fatigue and building resilience - Preventing Burnout

Session 3 - Unique factors associated with an acquired brain injury

Session 4 - The importance of Self Care

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