Mindfulness for Carers with Susan Barrett

Throughout the year we offer a four-week ‘Introduction to Mindfulness for Carers’ course, in collaboration with Susan Barrett.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness teaches us to pay close attention to what is happening right here, right now, in this present moment, with an attitude of kindness towards yourself and your experience. It is a way of being fully present and awake in every moment; a way of relating to all of life as it unfolds.

That all may sound lofty but in actual fact, Mindfulness is a practice that can support you to establish some steadiness in the midst of the challenges of your daily life. For those of you caring, you know that these challenges can be a daily occurrence.

How will it help in managing the responsibilities of caring?

This 4-week course will offer you some time out and a little bit of headspace for yourself. Our sessions will be quiet and will focus on your own self-care.

In addition, the course will introduce you to a range of Mindfulness practices that are designed to support you to find more moments of ease in your day. We will learn ways of working with the busy, worrying mind that may sometimes cause you to get caught up in anxiety and fear for the future.

What will we actually do?

We bring attention to the physical body through some gentle movement practices, through awareness of breathing practice and through a lying down practice, called the body scan. We’ll also have some discussion time as a group, allowing you to take time to reflect on how mindfulness can support you in daily life and to hear from others about the ways they are trying it out in their own daily lives.

We’ll do all of this in a relaxed, friendly online Zoom room.

For further information about the programme and information about future course dates email: dgallagher@abiireland.ie

Mindfulness for Carers with Susan Barrett

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