Doctor Rosie Mangan from the Midlands was on a work trip to Brazil which changed the course of her life. She was in a life-changing car accident where she suffered a severe brain injury.

Rosie remained unconscious as the weeks went by. She failed to wake up in Brazil and was flown home to Ireland. When she eventually awoke, she couldn’t speak, she couldn’t breathe on her own, she couldn’t eat, and she couldn’t walk.

Rosie stayed in the Hospital for over 3 months. Her discharge was difficult however as the pandemic had arrived and The Mater was expecting an influx of covid patients and required beds.

There was a suggestion that Rosie, like so many other brain injury survivors before her would be sent to a nursing home. An entirely unacceptable and inappropriate placement for a young woman.

When she finally left to go home after almost a year in hospital facilities, restrictions were still in place across society and Rosie was still without in person access to rehabilitation.

Rosie receives neuropsychology support from Brian, one of the psychologists here at Acquired Brain Injury Ireland.

He works with Rosie to ensure that she is equipped with tools and strategies to deal with the toll her brain injury has had on her life. Particularly during the pandemic which has added an additional layer of trauma to Rosie’s ordeal.

Your support ensures that the Acquired Brain Injury Ireland team is here to support Rosie to rebuild her life.

Rosie has now become an incredible advocate for Brain Injury Survivors in Ireland calling on the Irish Government to improve services across Ireland.

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