A community where members work together towards a common goal of community re-integration

Work together towards a common goal of re-integration and inclusion.

Our Day Resource Service is first and foremost a community. In a welcoming and supportive atmosphere, members are encouraged to develop new relationships and interests and to build creatively on their strengths and capabilities. Day Resource or Day Rehabilitation Services provide a client-centred approach, combining a range of cognitive, social, educational creative and rehabilitative activities in a supportive environment. At Acquired Brain Injury Ireland, we follow a holistic model of rehabilitation. This ensures that all aspects of an individual’s life are considered as part of the Individual Rehabilitation Plan (IRP).  Our Day Services provide a place for people to congregate, to be accepted and to work together towards the common goal of re-integration into the community. Our rehabilitation assistants are on hand to help people work on goals to enhance self-esteem, independence, community involvement and personal growth. 

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