About Step Ahead PLUS

Step Ahead PLUS offers vocational assessment and reports for adults aged 18-65 with a primary diagnosis of acquired brain injury.

Step Ahead PLUS will assess the individual’s work skills, knowledge, and experience. The programme provides practical advice and guidelines for people with a brain injury who may be struggling to hold on to their existing job or aiming to return to education, training, or employment.

We understand

It is important to recognise that there are many challenges for work and education after a brain injury.

For some individuals who are currently in work or education, you may find completing your job or study to your best ability has changed since your brain injury. At Step Ahead PLUS we prioritise the importance of maximising your abilities whilst considering strategies and techniques to promote your best performance. With simple adjustments and techniques, you could significantly improve your quality of life and remain in employment or education

For those seeking employment or educational courses, our assessment identifies your strengths for work and education whilst also providing solutions to the challenges you may face.

Individuals may choose to use their reports to facilitate a discussion with the employer or educational institution around accommodations for their work or study.

The benefits 

Led by a Senior Occupational Therapist Step Ahead PLUS offers specialist vocational assessment which identifies areas of strength and potential challenges to compose a solution-focused list or guidelines and recommendations for an individual’s work or educational setting.

At Acquired Brain Injury Ireland we pride ourselves on person-centered service provision. We ensure each assessment focuses on the individual’s needs and ambitions.

Step Ahead PLUS also provides essential information and education for employers, tutors, and trainers who are supporting people affected by brain injury.

Step Ahead PLUS will support the development of a sustainable working environment for the employee, employer, student, tutor, and trainer.

Our expertise

A full assessment is carried out by our expert Senior Occupational Therapist, highlighting the work skills, knowledge and experience of each Step Ahead PLUS participant. We use specific assessment tools focused on an individual’s functional and work capacity to identify transferrable skills

Who can attend?​

Step Ahead PLUS programme offers a free-of-charge vocational assessment service to individuals with an acquired brain injury and who meet the vocational assessment service

following criteria:

  • Aged between 18-65 years old with a primary diagnosis of brain injury
  • Medically stable
  • Referred by any Healthcare Professional or other agency who can confirm an acquired brain injury diagnosis
  • Self-referrals are accepted once accompanied by a document confirming the acquired brain injury diagnosis, for example, a medical report or discharge letter.
  • Willing to engage in vocational assessment with the aim of returning to work, training, or education.
  • Step Ahead PLUS is a Munster based service for individuals living in the Munster area.


Step Ahead PLUS is running until February 2021. Our assessment centre is based in Cork is based in Gilbert Centre, Fair Street, Mallow, Co. Cork, P51 AT86.

How do I join?

If you would like to avail of the Step Ahead PLUS service, please complete the online referral form below.

Alternatively, you can download here, print and complete a referral form. Please return the paper referral form to ;

Sinéad Stack, Acquired Brain Injury Ireland – Step Ahead Plus

Gilbert Centre, Fair Street,

Mallow, Co. Cork, P51 AT86

If you would like to find out more information, please feel free to make contact directly with our Senior Occupational Therapist Sinéad Stack on 086-603 4633

Step Ahead Plus Digital and remote support

Our Assessment includes a 2-part process. The initial information gathering and assessment will be completed over Zoom/phone where able. The second part of the assessment will take place in our assessment centre using our assessment equipment. Our aim is to minimise direct face to face contact with individuals respecting the current COVID-19 regulations. All individuals and staff members will be provided with and will wear personal protective equipment to adhere to COVID-19 regulations

Step Ahead Plus Referral Form

    To be eligible for referral to the Step Ahead Plus service, the person being referred must meet the above criteria. Please tick all appropriate boxes. If you do not meet all of the above criteria, the person may not be suitable for the service. Please contact the service to discuss the referral before proceeding. Please Note: The Service is not suitable for people with degenerative conditions, with progressive organic disorders or with Alcohol Related Brain Injury.
  • Details of the acquired brain injury

    Please provide any recent medical or therapy reports that are relevant to this referral.
  • Diagnosis of Brain Injury

    Please select the appropriate type of brain injury box and fill out.
  • Please give all details about your traumatic brain injury. E.g. Was it a road traffic accident, Fall, etc..
  • Please give all details about the non-traumatic brain injury and whether it was a vascular accident, infection, or cerebral anoxia/Hypoxia
  • Please give all details about your injury
  • Discretionary Information

    Please feel free to disclose the following information. If you choose NOT to disclose this information you will NOT be excluded from accessing the service
    If Yes, send details of treating physician/current support plan with referral if available
    If Yes, send details of treating physician/current support plan with referral if available
  • Primary Difficulties - Part 1

    Please rate the following domains in terms of impact on functioning with 3 being the area of most impact, 2 being an area of significant impact and 1 being a minor impact area for this person
  • Primary Difficulties - Part 2

    Tick all areas impacted in each domain.
  • Educational Information

  • Vocational Information

  • Professional Agencies/Services Currently Involved

  • Referral Details - all details must be filled in

  • This is a required detail
  • Release of Information

    You will be posted a written consent form to sign and return. Please note that we cannot process referrals unless they are accompanied by written informed consent to the release of information and authorisation of discussion between care/service providers,

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