Stepping stone to independent living

A stepping stone to independent living.

The focus of transitional living is to provide rehabilitation and support in a residential setting that enables the return to an independent living lifestyle in the community for people living with a brain injury (abi). Transitional living support is provided on a four-night/five-day basis, allowing residents to return home to their family for the weekends. During the days, individuals participate in a structured rehabilitation programme either on site or in the community. They will also engage with their Rehabilitative Assistant key worker on a one-to-one programme basis to discuss their Individual Rehabilitation Plan (IRP) and how they are progressing. Some of this interaction will be carried out in the Transitional Living Unit itself, while other interactions will happen out in the community to encourage our clients to regain confidence in socialising or accessing facilities of their choice in their community again. Time spent in the TLU (transitional living unit) also allows our rehabilitation team to assess an individual’s independent living potential and the level of support they need to return to their own home or move back with a family member. 


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