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Do your part and keep social distance to protect others


Do your part and keep social distance to protect others

As we draw a close to National Brain Awareness Week we have one message to all our families, supporters and followers – stay 2 metres apart from other people.

What is social distancing?

It literally means keeping your distance from other people when you’re out and about. The national advice is to keep 2 metres or 6 feet apart from other people.

Keep your distance out on walks

It’s good advice because it helps us to understand that we need to keep a good distance from people to prevent spreading infection. In practical terms, this means walking far apart from other people if you’re out getting fresh air.

Stand further back in a shopping queue

If you have to go to the shops, our natural instinct is to queue close together. But with social distance, try to remember to stand back. It won’t always be possible to keep a distance of 2 metres but do your best to keep at least one metre apart when you’re in a more confined space, such as a shop. One medical expert said it helps to imagine you have the virus already and think about how you will act to prevent giving it to other people.

No physical contact

As part of social distancing, you should avoid any close contact with other people outside of your family unit. So no shaking hands or hugging people. Wave from a safe distance (2 metres/6 feet).

Why social distancing is important

All it takes is 15 minutes in close contact within 1 or 2 metres of someone who has the coronavirus to be at risk from the illness yourself or to risk spreading it to others. Below is a graphic that shows the more we all do our part and reduce our exposure to other people, dramatically less people will be infected.


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